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Season 2 BD Omake (Complete)

This is the complete set of classmate introductions from anime season 2 omake. It includes previously released Vol.1-9 (with a few minor revisions) and newly translated Vol.8 bonus page (the card everybody signed for Sawako, as seen in ep.24). Mediafire

Season 1 BD Omake (Complete)

This is the complete set of character profiles from anime season 1 omake. It includes previously released Vol.1-6 (with minor revisions for consistency) and newly translated Vol.7 (Ui & Nodoka). Mediafire

Character Profile #6: Azusa

One more profile card left (Nodoka & Ui), when it’s done I’m going to release all 7 as a set in one ZIP. Download is here. Update: It turns out that season 2 BDs come with character profile cards (of…

Character Profile #5: Mio

As promised, character profiles are back. Download is here. Unfortunately I was not able to find a good quality raw of Mio’s profile, so I ended up trying to improve the raw I had and this is the result.

Second season premiere

And so the day has come… This time around KyoAni has less source material to go on and yet they start at chapter 5 of volume 3? Newsflash: Yeah, Ritsu’s got a boyfriend. In fact, I have his picture for…

Character Profile #4: Tsumugi

The rest of the profiles will be released after Vol.3 release. I want to wait for better raws to show up. Download is here. There was no new chapter in Carat this month. Again. On a separate note, Anthology Vol.2…

Character Profile Card #1: Yui

Character profile cards came out with each of the 7 DVDs/BDs of the anime (among other things they contain characters’ birthdays). Download is here. I have the raws for the first 6 cards, but the quality of #5 (Mio) leaves…