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Season 1 BD Omake (Complete)

This is the complete set of character profiles from anime season 1 omake. It includes previously released Vol.1-6 (with minor revisions for consistency) and newly translated Vol.7 (Ui & Nodoka). Mediafire

Character Profile #6: Azusa

One more profile card left (Nodoka & Ui), when it’s done I’m going to release all 7 as a set in one ZIP. Download is here. Update: It turns out that season 2 BDs come with character profile cards (of…

Character Profile #5: Mio

As promised, character profiles are back. Download is here. Unfortunately I was not able to find a good quality raw of Mio’s profile, so I ended up trying to improve the raw I had and this is the result.

Character Profile #4: Tsumugi

The rest of the profiles will be released after Vol.3 release. I want to wait for better raws to show up. Download is here. There was no new chapter in Carat this month. Again. On a separate note, Anthology Vol.2…

Character Profile Card #1: Yui

Character profile cards came out with each of the 7 DVDs/BDs of the anime (among other things they contain characters’ birthdays). Download is here. I have the raws for the first 6 cards, but the quality of #5 (Mio) leaves…