Volume 2 Chapter 14 (End-of-volume Special + Omake)

The girls break the 4th wall!

Download is here.

Well, the gap is now closed… There was a couple more end-of-volume pages (drawn by other mangaka to congratulate Kakifly) which I didn’t do (mostly because I didn’t like their style too much), but I’d do them for the sake of completeness if I ever end up doing the rest of volume 2. As for whether I’d do that… I’m hoping that fresh raws will show up any day now and new stuff will definitely take priority. I guess I’ll also take the time to read volume 2 released by the other group (I’ve only read their chapter 1 so far) and decide whether it’s worth spending time re-doing it or not… Stay tuned.


So I started reading the releases of the self-ascribed “high quality” group. I was seriously hoping that I won’t need to re-do what they already did, but it’s starting to look like I’m going to have to…

I mean… “Fried Oysters”?! Fried Babelfish is what it is. Facepalm. (For those who didn’t get the joke, these folks translated the name of the mangaka on the title page. Incorrectly. Up to chapter 9. Probably realized it later but never bothered to do a v2). Silly stuff aside, there appears to be enough basic translation mistakes throughout to warrant a second pass.

I will be releasing my version one chapter at a time, until I get to ch.13 at which point I will do the covers etc and release everything as a volume. Just so there’s no surprises, I’ll be using volume raws as opposed to magazine raws, so no color pages beyond chapter 1. As I stated previously, I’m not redrawing SFX that are not in bubbles(to preserve the original artwork), so if you prefer your SFX fully redrawn, you can stick with what’s been released by the other group. And, of course, re-doing previously released stuff will be low in priority (new chapters and my other group’s projects come first), so don’t expect speedy releases.

Volume 2 Chapter 13 (C2009-02)

They should’ve used this for ep.13 of the anime…

Download is here.

There’s also a v2 for chapter 5 (corrected 1 typo, better late than never).

I figured the other group would finish the 2 chapters left in volume 2 while I am doing the 8 chapters of volume 3 or shortly afterwards. Guess not… Well, we can’t have untranslated chapters left in the middle, now, can we?

Volume 3 Chapter 8 (K2009-07)


Download is here.

Well, this is the latest regular chapter that I could find a raw of, so I guess I’m up to date. Now we sit and wait till someone scans Kirara Carat 2009-08 (it’s been out since Jun 24 I’m not actually sure if it’s out yet). If anybody sees it, be sure to leave a comment here with the link.