Volume 2 Chapter 5 (K2008-08)


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Well, here’s one more old chapter for you and I’ll go raise a cup of nigorizake to celebrate Ritsu’s (belated) birthday…

Even after they added another translator to the project, the number of mistranslations remained about the same… Sad, really.

Volume 2 Chapter 3 (K2008-07)

“What do you mean? They’re cat ears…”

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For those who didn’t read volume 1: old guy in maid outfit patting Sawa-chan on the shoulder (omake, last page) is their school’s principal.

In case you read the other group’s translation of this chapter and are wondering why you’d want to read an alternative version, let me give you a few reasons 😉 Several lines in their version were “guesslated”, several SFX and small text lines were simply erased (not translated at all), most of the SFX that they did translate were translated incorrectly.

Volume 3 Chapter 9 (K2009-08)

Nice idea, Yui…

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Finally, a new chapter! Unfortunately the only raws I could find were pretty atrocious (especially color pages). I fixed them up somewhat, but in the end crappy raws are still crappy. When/if decent quality raws show up, I will release a v2.

By the way, they changed the publication schedule, so the 6-page chapter (that was supposed to be chapter 9) came out in Carat 2009-09 instead of 2009-08 and it’s going to be chapter 10.

Volume 2 Chapter 2 (K2008-06)

“Cat ears might look good on her…”

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I was considering leaving “nekomimi” untranslated. I mean, how many moe manga readers don’t know what “nekomimi” is anyway?

Necrophantasia & Co.: What’s with the sloppy work? Fatigue kicked in after only 2 chapters? I’m not going to list your mistakes anymore, reply in the comments if you’re interested.