Some Notes on the New Series

Chapter Numbering

I am going with continuous numbering (not going to try to guess the volume layout) for this series. As before KYYYY-MM refers to the magazine issue the chapter came out in (K2018-08 = “Manga Time Kirara August 2018).

Character Names

Readings for all names (so far) have been provided by Kakifly-sensei, so there is no ambiguity.
A bit of trivia: Character used for Yukari’s name means “purple” or “violet” and normally reads “murasaki”, however there is an archaic phrase for purple/violet “yukari no iro” where “yukari” is written with a different character which in modern Japanese means “relation” or “connection”.

“Club” vs “Appreciation Society”

Yukari’s school doesn’t have a Light Music Club (keion bu), they have something called “keion doukoukai“.
“Doukoukai” literally means “an assembly [of people] who like the same thing”. Generally it is translated as “club” (as that is basically what it is) and there is a plenty of examples of such translation (Shirobako etc) and even K-ON! has some (Occult Club of Sakuragaoka is a “doukoukai”, not a “bu”).
However in this case there needed to be a contrast between a “bu” and a “doukoukai”, so I had to come up with a different translation for the latter. “Appreciation Society” is what I ended up using since they weren’t actually doing anything there (they “appreciated” rather than “played”), at least until Yukari&Co showed up.

A lot (most?) of Yukari’s lines end with an exclamation mark!!

Yes, that is how she actually talks in the original.

Timeline speculations

Maho mentions that it’s the end of November. Sakuragaoka School Festival is in the fall, so Yukari must have gone to see it that same year (or she wouldn’t wait till November to join the club) and since it’s Ritsu (not Sumire) sneezing, the events of the first chapter must be taking place in November 2007 or in November 2008 or in November 2009. Without more information it’s not possible to tell which November it actually was. From chapter 2 we learn that it was in fact the very first Sakuragaoka School Festival and the events of the first chapter are taking place in November 2007. This means both stories are unfolding more or less in parallel time-wise.