I haven’t seen new chapters for a while. Is K-ON! manga finished already?

Yes, but a spin-off series has started. 
New series K-ON! Shuffle is being published in Manga Time Kirara which comes out in Japan on the 9th of the month.

What will you translate?

Provided the raws are available, I will translate all new chapters as they come out in the magazine(s), all volume tankoubons and all out-of-volume special chapters by Kakifly (if there are any). I will also translate all official anthologies by other mangaka.

I may translate additional official material such as character profiles, etc not related directly to the manga.

What won’t you translate?

Doujins (i.e. unofficial works), hentai or otherwise.

The only possible exceptions are non-hentai doujins created by mangaka who participated in official anthologies.

Will you stop translating K-ON! after it is licensed in U.S. or elsewhere?


How can we help?

Give me raws.

Can we translate your translations to some other language?

Sure, you can do it. It’s not like I can do anything to stop you anyway.
Just one request: please do not use my name or this blog’s URL anywhere in your credits. Translation from English will most likely be inferior to direct translation from Japanese to your language and I do not want my name on that.
If you want to do a proper job translating this series, find a proper Japanese translator for your group.

Are you planning to translate any other series?


The only reason Houkago Translations exists is to translate K-ON! and related works (see above). 

Can you provide raws?


I only share what I create myself (i.e. my translations). I do not scan my own raws, thus I do not provide raws. Most of the raws I use come from public Japanese P2P networks (Share, PD) and anyone can get them there. Raws that do not come from P2P networks are provided to me by my readers and the links can be found in the comments. If a particular link is dead, feel free to ask the original provider to reupload (do not ask me).

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  1. rm3991
    18 December 2011 at 20:20

    Thanks for translating K-On! <3 Are you working on the other anthology manga volumes (3-5)?

  2. doug
    8 September 2011 at 0:44

    Did I mention how much I love you for translating K-on! ?

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