A Note on New Characters

As you probably know, majority of the Japanese first and last names are written in kanji and most of those have more than one reading. Generally speaking, there is no way to tell for certain how a particular name is read just by looking at its kanji. For that reason, names on business cards and such usually include their proper readings to prevent confusion. In manga, when new characters are introduced it is customary for mangaka to provide readings for their names as well.

So, the first chapter of the restarted manga introduces 3 new characters and Kakifly-sensei was kind enough to provide the readings for their first names: Ayame, Sachi, and Akira. Unfortunately, their last names came without readings. Last names I used in my translation are supposedly the “most common”/”most likely” readings that I found in relevant threads on Japanese boards, but they are not official and can change at some point down the road. Recent example of that is Sogabe changing to Sokabe after it was said in the anime (reading for Megumi’s last name was not provided in the manga).

For the curious, Ayame’s last name (??) has at least 7 readings, Sachi’s last name (?) has at least 15 readings, and Akira’s last name (??) has at least 5 readings.

Update (v.5 ch.2): Luckily Sumire’s last name (??) has only one reading: Saitou.

Update (v.5 ch.4): Last name of the second new member (??) is not official and has at least 3 readings.

Update (v.6 ch.2): Readings for first and last names of the Club President and her bandmate were not provided in the manga. In my translation I used readings listed on NicoNicoPedia (NicoNico’s wiki). Luckily Club President’s last name (??) has only one reading: Yoshii. Her first name (??) has at least 3 readings however. As for her bandmate, the last name (??) has at least 3 readings and the first name (??) has at least 7 readings.

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