A Note on New Band Name

The name of Azusa’s new band in the original Japanese is Wakaba Gaaruzu (or Wakaba Girls since gaaruzu is just a Japanese way of spelling English word girls, same as tiitaimu is teatime).

Wakaba literally means “young leaves/fresh greenery“, but unlike houkago which only means one thing (“time after school is over”), wakaba has a range of more general meanings (evoked by the image of young green leaves): “youthful”, “young and tender”, “newly emerging”, “novice” (e.g. novice driver), “greenhorn”, etc.

I was not sure which (if any) of these meanings Sawako wanted to emphasize in the band name, so I decided not to lock my translation into any of them and translate the name close to literal: Fresh Leaf Girls. The reason I went with “fresh” was to match the original Engrish in the last line at the bottom of page 8 (“fresshu bando…”).

If past is any indication, I suspect that at some point down the road the official English name of the band will appear somewhere in the manga (as part of the cover artwork perhaps), same way Afterschool Teatime appeared (see covers of vol.3 ch.8 or vol.5 ch.9 for examples). When/if that happens, I will replace my translation with the official name and release the necessary v2s.

Update (v.6 ch.13): It appears that Sawako had novice drivers and their law mandated leaf-shaped stickers in mind when she came up with the band name. Nevertheless, I am going to keep my translation unchanged because I feel that it still makes sense even in light of this new information. When/if any sort of official English translation surfaces, I will use it and update my releases at that time. The sticker in question looks like this:

3 comments for “A Note on New Band Name

  1. psyme
    8 September 2011 at 23:26

    Knowing Sawachan, the “Fresh Leaf” name is prolly tea-related.

  2. chuck
    2 September 2011 at 7:10

    Me likes Wakaba Girls

    (also, reminds me of certain image boards…)

  3. ilovelolis
    1 September 2011 at 4:30


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